Who Are We, What Do We Do & Why Use Wizer Marketing?

//Who Are We, What Do We Do & Why Use Wizer Marketing?

Wizer Marketing was launched at the beginning of 2018 after being involved in the marketing of hundreds of blockchain based projects looking for public investment throughout 2017. We helped many clients raise millions of dollars worth of investment and decided to create a full-service helping our clients in all of their marketing efforts.

We’re a creative and very well connected team with years of digital marketing experience between us. Our aim is to help blockchain based projects with all of their marketing needs. Whether it’s helping hit targets during the important Initial Coin Offering (ICO) / Token Sale funding stages, keeping the public aware of any important updates, announcements and developments, right the way through to the launch of the live product.

Using our broad digital marketing experience, we can help with almost anything, managing everything for you so you can focus on building the best product possible!

The Blockchain Marketing Industry

If you’re involved in the world of blockchain, it goes without saying that using ICO’s as a method of raising funds has grown exponentially over the past year. The first ever ICO was held back in July 2013 by a project know as Mastercoin. Since then, the number of companies using the method to raise money has exploded, along with the amount of money being raised!

Ethereum raised $2.4 Million back in 2014 which was a large amount at the time. More recently though we’ve seen record amounts raised, with Filecoin holding the top spot when it raised $257 Million back in October 2017.


The Google Trends data shown above shows Google searched for ‘ICO’ have increased significantly over the past 12 months.

With such a growing number of new projects using ICO’s to raise money, it’s very important that when launching an ICO your marketing is done properly in order to stand out and achieve your investment targets. Blockchain Marketing essentials:

  • Communicate your ideas & intentions clearly – It’s important to clearly get your message across so that people don’t miss out on any important factors that may lead them to investing. Blockchain projects are often confusing at first so well written descriptions, videos, a detailed road map and accurate translation are all good ideas to helping people better understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Develop trust – No sensible investor will part with their money without first having reason to trust that the project is genuine, honest and above all capable of achieving the road map set out. Having a professional and well designed website is very important as this will be the first impression any potential investor makes.
  • Volume is key – The more impressions your adverts, press release campaigns and videos can get, the more chance the project has of investment.
  • Targeting to the right audience – Numbers are great, but if you’re promoting to the wrong kind of people it’s unlikely that many will invest. Cryptocurrency based platforms are an obvious choice, but many projects are based withing very specific niches which may in some situations be a great audience to promote to.


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