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Wizer Marketing are a team of experienced Social Media advertising experts based in Darlington. We can plan, execute and fully manage your Social Media advertising campaign budget in Darlington to make sure you get the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Social Media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram hold a wealth of information about their users. They know the age, gender, frequented locations, estimated income, employment status’, holiday preferences, favourite foods and so much more. Sounds daunting and worrying. But for a business looking to promote their products and services, all this data is a goldmine for highly targeted advertising. 

It has been argued that advertising on Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising there has ever been! The wealth of data they hold on their 2.27 Billion users is utterly staggering, and because almost everyone in the western world uses it daily, advertising on it is a no-brainer.

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Why use Wizer Marketing to manage your Social Media ad campaign budget in Darlington?

Throughout your entire campaign, we regularly test different combinations, phrases and keywords in order to optimise your results. Saving you money on your ad spend is one of our top priorities, second only to generating a return as high as possible. We don’t settle and are always trying new techniques to increase the effectiveness of the ads.

  • Free consultation to identify your goals and target audience.
  • Regular in depth reporting detailing what we tried, what’s working, what isn’t and a plan for taking the campaign forward.
  • Free design of all adverts & effective copywriting
  • We use specialist software to analyse your competitors ad spend. Consistent spending habits indicate positive ROI. We use this to the advantage of your business when it comes to trying out new ad campaigns. From there we can build upon and improve what we know already works!

Whether you’re looking for more sales, likes on your page, podcast subscribers or visitors on your website, we can use Social Media ads to dramatically improve your results!

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For Social Media advert campaign management pricing, please use the form below to schedule a free consultation appointment. All prices vary depending on the scale and budget of your marketing campaign. Alternatively you can use the button below to chat to us online now.

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