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If you’re looking for a professional email marketing service in Darlington then you’re in the right place. We’re experts at creating expertly crafted emails, collecting email addresses and can help increase your businesses sales dramatically by using email.

Email marketing is the process of a business sending emails either to consumers or to another business in an effort to promote a certain product or service. It can be done in many ways and take many different forms.

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Different forms of email marketing can include:

  • Newsletters – A commonly used tactic by many online businesses. Newsletters keep customers engaged with your brand and can be used to promote featured products or services. You could send seasonal or even customised Birthday emails to your customers.
  • Direct email sales campaign – Whether you have an email list already, or need help building one, we can help promote your products and services to your list. We can track how many people open your email, which links they click on, how long they stayed on your website and even whether or not they made a purchase.
  • Re-engagement campaign – These are great for reminding customers you know have abandoned the checkout at last minute or for bringing back customers who have made a purchase before.

We can help with all of these and more! Kickstart your email marketing campaigns and increase your sales today.

Why use Wizer Marketing for your email marketing campaign in Darlington?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get directly into the pockets of your potential customers. We can help you get it right and manage the whole campaign from start to finish!

  • Professionally designed emails
  • Emails sent in bulk and scheduled for any time you like
  • Bypass the Junk mail box. Our email campaigns go direct to your customers inbox
  • A/B Testing in order to figure out the most effective methods of
  • Regular statistics reports so you can monitor the performance of your campaign

According to, 99% of consumers still access their email accounts at least once per day, with the average consumer checking 20 times per day! With this in mind, it’s no wonder that over 80% of businesses report email marketing to be the most cost effective marketing methods.

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